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Dubrovnik Tips: Beat the Heat and Avoid the Crowds

Dubrovnik tip: start early

5 Tips for Exploring Dubrovnik

After spending 5 days exploring Dubrovnik, here are our top 5 tips for enjoying this touristy city.

1. Start the Day Early

Jetlag is your friend. Get up early. Beat the heat (It gets really hot very quickly!) and crowds by exploring just as it begins to get light outside. I am not a morning person, but as an introvert, I definitely prefer the empty alleyways to the crowded thoroughfares. With the help of the time difference, it’s worth the effort to get up and go if you enjoy exploring in peace and don’t want pictures full of brightly clothed tourists.

2. Avoid Cruise Days

Dubrovnik is a popular cruise ship port, which means thousands of cruise passengers descend on the city nearly every day in the high season. Check the cruise ship calendar and, if possible, plan your trip to include at least one cruise ship-free day.

Dubrovnik port

3. Carry Kuna

Kuna is the official currency of Croatia. Some shops will take Euro as well. Many shops (think ice cream!) will only take cash. You’ll be glad you have 14 kuna for that ice cream when you’re dripping sweat on a hot day!

Dubrovnik tip: get kuna

Everything is expensive in Dubrovnik… even going to the bathroom! You’ll also be glad you have some kuna if you need a bathroom. Public toilets will set you back 7 kuna, which is just over $1 USD at the time of writing. If you go to Fort Lovrijenac, they have a bathroom you can use for free after entry. Save your wall ticket for free entry!

4. Take a Walking Tour

Despite being an expensive destination, there are actually many inexpensive walking tours of the Old Town, and it’s a great way to get a lay of the land and basic history without reading a boring guide book. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, there are lots and lots of tours catered to you!

We opted for Tanja’s Walking Through History Tour and were not disappointed (except for the heat…though she does try to stop in shady spots). New to Airbnb? Here’s $40 towards your first trip, which includes $15 towards an experience of $50 or more.

Dubrovnik tip: take a walking tour

5. Stay Hydrated

Take water everywhere you go. We never leave home without our Hydro Flasks, which keep water cold for more than 24 hours if you add ice. Take advantage of the fountains in the Old Town for free, clean, cold water.

*Note: As of this writing, the cable cars are not in operation and are closed until further notice. UPDATE: Cable cars have reopened as of July according to a recent Trip Advisor review.

Thinking About Walking the Walls?

To walk the walls or not? That is the question. You can find some travel sites that say you should absolutely walk the walls and others that say it’s not worth the price. Initially we sided with the naysayers, but after giving it a shot, we were converted. To decide for yourself, check out our Tips for Exploring the Old Town. If you’ve already decided not to walk the walls, you’ll find two alternative walks that will guide you to views of the Old Town.