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DoubleTree Hilton Sighişoara – Cavaler

If you keep your expectations of the DoubleTree by Hilton Sighişoara low, you won’t be disappointed.

No wine glasses, no bottle opener, a tub that didn’t drain, a morning with no hot water, no seating in the room aside from one desk chair – if you’ve read our Sarajevo post, you’ll know that none of this bothered us. We’d read the reviews before booking, and figured it was our best bet given how cheap it was (~25 Euro per night).

Overall, with our chill perspective, we were happy with our stay. You can always try to get your needs met with their “Make It Right” policy. Personally, we couldn’t be bothered after asking for a bottle opener and being told “Get your husband to open it.” 😲

Tips to Improve Your Stay at the DoubleTree Hilton Sighişoara

  • Take the bath plug out by hand as the nozzle is stripped.
  • Open non-twist beer bottles on the drawer knob. It works like a charm! Husband shmuzband.
  • Drag a chair in yourself from near the elevators because if you ask for an extra chair you’ll be told that rooms only come with one chair. This may be frowned upon, but it worked for us. 🤫 
  • Be sure to get your free cookie!

Free Cookies!

Don’t forget your cookie at check-in! As we were walking to the elevator, the check-in staff called us back, “I almost forgot! Your cookie!” We’re so glad he remembered.

Free cookie at Doubletree by Hilton

Warm chocolate chip cookies are one of the best things we ate at the DoubleTree in Sighişoara, which brings us to their restaurant.

DoubleTree Cavaler Restaurant

Convenience is everything, but sometimes it’s not enough. We had to see if the restaurant’s wifi password (#bestpizza) was accurate or not. I think what they mean is that if you’re going to eat there, it’s best to stick to the pizza. Just kidding, their burger isn’t bad, but the meat in their sarmale (traditional Romanian wrapped cabbage rolls) looked a bit on the raw side, certainly too pink for my taste. The polenta it came with was also disappointing. It looks better than it tasted.

How to Access the Swimming Pool

The swimming pool, one of the most frequently used pools we’ve seen at a hotel, was easy to see from our Juliet balcony, but not easy to access. You have two choices, neither of which is accessible to wheelchairs, but then, not much is in Sighişoara. From your room, go in the opposite direction of the elevator to the end of the hall, and take the stairs down to the ground floor. Or, if you want to avoid some stairs, go out through the restaurant, turn left, and you can enter on the side of the building. We didn’t use the pool, but after a walk of the Old City, we did refill our water bottles at the small, adjacent fitness center.

One 5-Star Staff Member

Part of what you can read in reviews of the DoubleTree in Sighişoara is that service is terrible. We can’t argue with that and did not require much in the way of service, so we didn’t let it get to us.

Carmel, who not only checked us in but also arranged a private transfer to Sibiu for us, was always ready to serve with a smile and warmth. He was a gem.

Other staff are either overworked, unhappy, or dissatisfied with their jobs. Perhaps tourism is not the industry for them.

DoubleTree Hilton Rooms

Rooms were left open to air out during the day, so we were able to explore them and came to the conclusion that we had one of the best (103, but 102 is comparable as well, though with 2 single beds). However, some had an actual armchair, which would have been nice. The suites were full, so we didn’t get to see one of those.

DoubleTree Hilton Sighişoara citadel view
View over restaurant with citadel in the background from room 103

Will the DoubleTree by Hilton Sighişoara – Cavaler blow you away? Absolutely not. Is it a great choice for less than thirty Euro? Sure!

Vicariously yours,