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Once upon a time, this was briefly a travel blog.

I may still add to it if I find time to finish the many drafts I began during my Eastern Europe summer 2019 travels.

I’ve traveled to over 60 countries.

Below you’ll find some of my travel writing. My favorite is Voices of Sarajevo because my trip to Sarajevo and Srebrenica, more than any others, changed my perspective on life and the nature of suffering.

In my research on presence, I believe I’ve finally come to understand what differentiates the siege survivors from anyone else I’ve ever met. During the Siege of Sarajevo, circumstances created a powerful shift to presence, which is where intense joy, love and peace reside. Eckhart Tolle describes the transition well in The Power of Now.

“In some rare cases, this shift in consciousness happens dramatically and radically, once and for all. When it does, it usually comes about through total surrender in the midst of intense suffering.”