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Imperial Hilton room 250

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Hotel Review

The Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik property in Croatia is stunning. Although the front desk area gets easily crowded and noisy, the moment you climb a few steps and see the spacious, open, beautifully decorated bar area with an incredible view of the fort running all along the front side of the […]

Dubrovnik port

Dubrovnik Tips: Beat the Heat and Avoid the Crowds

5 Tips for Exploring Dubrovnik After spending 5 days exploring Dubrovnik, here are our top 5 tips for enjoying this touristy city. 1. Start the Day Early Jetlag is your friend. Get up early. Beat the heat (It gets really hot very quickly!) and crowds by exploring just as it […]

Dubrovnik house

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Walking the Old Town

Dubrovnik delivers. It is everything you want it to be: cobblestone streets, bright blue waters, and charm around every corner. It is also insanely hot, ridiculously crowded, and fairly pricey. Below, you’ll find tips to avoid the searing heat, the hordes of tourists, and the wallet drain so that you […]