About Vicariously Here

Hi there! We’re E and T. Over the past 15 years we’ve traveled to 61 countries together. We started out as budget travelers in our twenties (E) and early thirties (T). E began traveling much earlier, and combined, we have been to 73 countries (and counting!), some multiple times (China, New Zealand, and India just to name a few). We have a dream job that allows us to travel 5 months per year! This summer we added 11 countries.

Why Vicariously Here?

In March 2018 T started an English language website. Her vision was muddled (still is…we’d never get anywhere if planning were left up to her), and travel was a small part of it from the beginning. WordPress still had Daily Post challenges back then, and she focused on travel for those. As time went on, she realized there really wasn’t room for a travel blog on the English site and would occasionally bring up the possibility of starting a separate travel website.

A little over a year later, E got on board with the travel website, and Vicariously Here was born. Basically, T is now running two websites…so…we’ll see how it all goes! Whatever happens, surely the time spent developing them is better than the time she used to spend playing Words With Friends and scrolling through Facebook. 

Why Travel?

We travel more than anyone we know. “We live vicariously through you!” has been said more than once by many of our friends and family. We started this website to help other travelers. We’ll share our years of travel expertise and helpful tips and information about the places we visit and how we manage to travel on teacher’s salaries. In addition to being the brains and travel planner extraordinaire behind our trips, E actually has a degree in Travel and Tourism. She makes amazing trips happen again, and again, and again.

Where We’ve Been

We haven’t finished updating this map yet, but this is a start. The blue markers are all places we have been together. The black markers are places only T has been. The green markers are places only E has been. If you click on the upper right frame in the corner you can open it to view the larger map with more details.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do content wise! Feel free to request a location! In the meantime, we’ll be blogging as we travel this summer. As time permits, we’ll go back in time a bit.

Summer 2019

This summer we went to Eastern Europe and made our way through Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Austria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Qatar! I’m still working on posts about most of these places. Fourteen drafts and counting…

Join us vicariously on our first stop! We can’t wait to take you there!

Vicariously yours,

E and T

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